Cale Arneson - El Presidente'

Cale Arneson

El Presidente'
- Chicken strip baskets consumed weekly: 4 - Buys Girl Scout cookies by the case - Retired racecar driver. Cole Trickle meets Ricky Bobby. - Part time employee. Full time Outdoorsman.
Nate Harms - General Manager

Nate Harms

General Manager
- Macklemore Doppelganger - Father of Twins - Semi-Professional wake surfer - Lover of pulled pork sliders
Matt Richardson - Sales Associate

Matt Richardson

Sales Associate
- Proud father of a goldendoodle named Wrigley - Owns a bar in Nebraska - King of sack lunches
Braydon Kruger - Sales

Braydon Kruger

A.K.A. Brenden. Full-time male model, part-time salesperson. Sendin' it no matter the season. Surf, Ski, Snowmobile, repeat.
Luke Payne - Sales

Luke Payne

Phone: 701-232-5000
Grew up playing in the dirt and never stopped. Spends his weekends on the lake or in a skid steer. Luke enjoys the daily Redbull, but always in the original flavor. A high-energy individual that would always "rather be boating"
Michael Fraser - Sales

Michael Fraser

Pretty quick on his dirtbike, but not as fast as he thinks he is. Undisputed king of the pitbike wheelie. Loves his Honda's and will always #RideRed. Enjoys the occasional rally car race and will one day be just as cool in person as he is on Instagram.

Parts & Apparel

Erik Schroeder - Marine Parts & Service Consultant

Erik Schroeder

Marine Parts & Service Consultant
- Water Mouse collector - Never been spotted without a visor - Has a weekly lunch spot schedule (Taco Bell Thursday) - Zorbaz trivia regular
Ben Johnson - Parts

Ben Johnson

Motorcycle Grand-Master. Build them, rip them, repeat. When the teacher speaks, take notes.
James Prouty - Parts

James Prouty

Phone: Parts
Big Subaru guy. Has a shameless collection of rally-cross videos on his computer. Allegedly BFF's with Travis Pastrana. Second best beard in the shop, but determined to claim the top spot.


Matt Earl - Service Manager/Writer

Matt Earl

Service Manager/Writer
- Nickname: Mearl - Smarter Than We Know - Expert Jim Handler - Roach collector
Jim "New Leaf" - Senior Service Tech

Jim "New Leaf"

Senior Service Tech
- 79 years of technician experience under his belt (So he says) - Founder of the beard - Averages 7 pony tail holders per day - Goldwing Wizard
Brandon Guck - Motorcycle/ATV Tech

Brandon Guck

Motorcycle/ATV Tech
- Ultimate ladies man - Really wishes people would stop yelling all the time - Knows more than Google - Loudest bike in town
Chris Lessard - Marine Tech.

Chris Lessard

Marine Tech.
-Pelican Lake location manager and problem solver - Father of 2 kids and 1 dog - Future face of the U Motors Chippendale calendar - Loves his minivan
Devon Wahl #builtbydev - Powersport & Marine Tech

Devon Wahl #builtbydev

Powersport & Marine Tech
Phone: 701-232-5000
-The ultimate snowmachiner, claims he never gets stuck... -Has his own hashtag #builtbydev -Working currently... waiting for his wife to finish school so he has a suga momma


Jill Arneson - CFO/Mom

Jill Arneson

- Always awaiting surprise birthday party - Proud mom of 1 daughter & 2 dogs - People cringe when she pages them - Loves snacks
Steve Frederick - Accounting

Steve Frederick

- Only employee to successfully pass Calculus - Best candy selection in the shop - Always having a good hair day